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P.Y. Estes & Son, Inc.

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Douglas Hill Road

West Baldwin, ME 04091

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Specializing in Residential and Commercial Site Preparation for over 40 years...


West Baldwin, Maine



P.Y. Estes & Son, Inc. formed in 1972 as a privately owned company.  We have continuously grown in our performance and equipment by maintaining excellent credit ratings with suppliers and equipment dealers and completing our jobs to the satisfaction of our customers.  Our main goal in our profession has always been to provide quality service.  We believe this quality service has made P.Y. Estes & Son a growing company with a greater potential for the future.



P.Y. Estes & Son, Inc. is an excavation company that is capable of large site work projects for buildings, sewerage systems, water systems, drainage work, landscaping, trenching and grading.  We have worked on numerous projects with architects, engineers and quality control testing companies.  We meet all insurance requirements for all projects and are able to supply performance bonds on any required projects. 

Quarry & Material

Material such as sand, stone, loam and gravel are easily attained from our gravel pits and quarry.  Whether you are undergoing a major construction project or just need a load of gravel delivered, you can count on P.Y. Estes & Son Inc. to provide you with punctual, reliable service.  We pride ourselves in being able to supply all projects from large commercial site development and construction to small home improvements.


We would appreciate the opportunity to do business with you.